Boat refitting, from paintings to certification

To allow the customer to renew and refresh the look of their boat, Bellini Nautica has included in its range of on-site services a boat refitting service. This service includes the refurbishment of the boat in all its aspects, according to the priorities and specific needs of the customer.

Refitting includes painting  of the hull with the choice of changing the colour, upholstery replacement and a check-up of the electronic and mechanical systems in their entirety. This three hundred and sixty degree approach is made possible by the great competence of Bellini Nautica in the boating field and by the remarkable professionalism of the staff members.

Due to its high level of competence, the dockyard’s workshop is certified by Volvo Penta centre, which now also attracts customers from overseas, thanks to its unique expertise. The same type of precise and professional approach also unites the other departments of the dockyard, such as painting, the division that takes care of the equipment, the team of electricians and upholsterers.


Painting carried out with extreme care.

Bellini Nautica offers its customers an excellent level of boat painting service, thanks to the impeccable know-how of its technical staff and extremely high-performance professional equipment, combined with materials capable of satisfying any need.

The five boat painting ovens owned by the dockyard, of the latest generation and in constant operation every month of the year, make it possible to obtain perfect results. This means boats renewed with extreme care and precision, with a meticulously finished hull.

Inside Bellini Nautica, only high-quality paint materials are used, produced by leading companies in the sector, such as Standox, known throughout the world for the reliability and safety of its marine paints.

The experience acquired by the B&C Restoration in-house division, which is specialised in the restoration of vintage Riva motorboats for decades, has enabled the Bellini team to conduct boat painting works in a targeted and professional manner.

Every intervention, on any model and type of boat, is carried out exclusively by hand and is taken care of in all phases with skill and meticulousness.


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