Boat storage

Boat storage on Lake Iseo.

One of Bellini Nautica’s mottos is «Don’t be jealous if we love your boat more than you do». And one of the services that best expresses the attention and meticulous care that Bellini’s staff devote to every single boat is undoubtedly the boat storage service.

Bellini dockyard provides its customers with three different boat storage sheds: one directly facing the Lake Iseo, the second one 800 meters (2600 feet) away from it and the third one located in Corte Franca, a few kilometres from Clusane. These sheds are together able to contain up to 300 boats. For in-shed transportation only the company truck is employed, driven by professionals specially trained for the transportation of boats having a hull larger than 3 meters (10 feet). Bellini Nautica owns three cranes able to lift up to 160 tons, but can meet any particular requirement with the use of an external crane rental service, which has easy access to the harbour.

Bellini Nautica has three overhead traveling cranes which can lift from 40 to 160 tons, but to satisfy particular needs, it rents external crane to use on site. Customers can choose the storage choice that best suits their needs, from an annual service to a monthly service and from various seasonal services. Obviously every service is flexible in order to meet any particular request.

For Bellini, boat storage is completely different to just simple parking. The staff give all the attention that a boat needs, guarding with reliability and great care. We supervise collection and delivery even from the coast, such as the French Riviera or Sardinia, and take care in planning every detail.

Every boat is washed, covered and delivered in perfect condition, following a particular procedure for winterising as well as de-winterising. In the dockyards work is performed respecting every step, relying on specialised staff members


This process starts by washing away salt from the engines, it is done in the lake waters or in the inside pool of the dockyard that is 25m long, 5m wide and 2.5 m deep (82×16.5×8.2 ft). This helps to avoid corrosion that can be caused by salt to boats that navigate sea waters.

Next, cylinders are refilled with oil for lubrication and the remaining water is drained from the engine’s blocks. The batteries are removed and kept in charge constantly in order to optimise their performance for the following season. On-board, dehumidifiers are installed to avoid the formation of mould or other annoying drawbacks.

All the boats are regularly and thoroughly washed, particularly the ones with a wooden hull, and with extreme precision a protective coat of Vaseline oil is applied on all the chrome-plated parts.
After performing a complete check-up, there are times where boats need some repair work. In this case the shipowner will be contacted and the workshop will have an estimation of costs ready and the boat be covered and stored.


Before the season starts, the batteries are re-installed and the boat is put back on the water, where after restarting the engines the boat servicing is updated.
The boat is then hauled and an anti-algae protection is applied after sanding away the old one and applying two coats of new paint, in order to avoid the growth of microorganism that attack the hulls bottom that is in constant contact with the water.


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