Boat painting

Boat painting on Lake Iseo: really accurate!

Bellini Nautica offers its customers a high level of boat painting service, possible thanks to the impeccable know-how of its staff and to professional and extremely high performance equipment, combined with materials able to satisfy any need.

The five paint ovens of the dockyard, of the latest technology and in function all year, ensure perfect results. The outcome is a boat renewed with extreme care and precision, and a hull meticulously finished.

Bellini Nautica utilise exclusively high quality painting materials, produced by leading companies in the paint production field like  Standox, recognised worldwide for the reliability of its work.

The B&C Restoration division specialised for decades in the restoration of vintage Riva speedboats, and their experience allowed Bellini’s team to specialise in peculiar and exceptional methods of painting. Every work on every model or kind of boat is hand made and every step is executed with mastery.


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