Riva Vintage for sale

Vintage Riva boats restoration

When a Riva boat is received at the Bellini shipyard to be restored, a series of meticulous operations begins. Like an ancient and fascinating ritual or a courtship. Each step is respected and performed with obsessive attention to achieve a surprising result every time. Patience is the watchword: there is no need to be in a hurry when starting a restoration of this level. It’s just like living a love story: each goal has its time to be touched and then conquered.

Riva services

In addition to restoration, Bellini Nautica offers its customers three boat storage warehouses in Iseo and not only: one directyle overlooking the lake, the second one at a distance of 800 meters and the third in Corte Franca – a few kilometers from Clusane – for a total amount of 300 berths


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