10 tips for properly winterizing your yacht

If you care about your yacht, winterizing it is definitely a practice not to be underestimated. But how to do it correctly? When the boating season is winding down, it’s time to think about protecting your boat. All the time you spend winterizing your yacht is certainly well spent: your jewel will benefit from it…Continua a leggere

Yachting safely in winter

During the winter months we are used to leaving our yacht in the hands of experts for proper storage and maintenance. But, what if you want to cruise in winter also? Careful storage, supplemented by all related professional winterizing services is the best solution to ensure that your boat gets through the cold season unscathed.…Continua a leggere

How to prepare your boat for transport

Sooner or later there comes a time when your boat must be transported. It should be transported because it needs restoring or overhauling, or simply because this year you want to ride on the waves of a different lake. Whatever the purpose, transporting a boat requires a careful preparation of the boat, in order to avoid any…Continua a leggere

The Floating Piers: Christo’s Walkway on the waters of Lake Iseo

This summer, from 18 June through 3 July, 2016, you will have the chance to see on the waters of our Lake Iseo an unusual, glittering dahlia-yellow walkway, which will connect Sulzano, Montisola and the small island of San Paolo. The Floating Piers, as the installation is called, is the last work of the artist Christo: a walkway…Continua a leggere

How to paint a wooden boat

Undoubtedly painting is one of the main stages when restoring a wooden boat. In fact, if painting is done with care, your boat will look extra glossy and the result, a rewarding aesthetic impact. The following article offers an overview on the art of painting. We always recommend relying on skilled craftsmen, who know exactly where and how to…Continua a leggere

The importance of refitting for your boat

It is understood that a refitting thoughtfully done will allow your jewel to shine for longer The summer season is now over, and the relaxing boat tours on the waves will be postponed until next year. Winter is drawing near and your boat will be put to rest until the warm season returns, just like…Continua a leggere

A year at full sail

Satisfaction, peace of mind and confidence. These are the sensations you feel when, after taking your boat seawards, you enjoy the view of the coast, relax on the bow pulpit. The same sensations we at Bellini Nautica experience after going through this fantastic year. We can finally treat ourselves to a well-deserved break after steering a course and accomplishing…Continua a leggere

Bellini Nautica at the Genoa International Boat Show 2015

Bellini Nautica will be at the 55th Genoa International Boat Show A variety of organised events and news, especially aimed at the commodity sector, that will thrill the thousands of diving, angling, yachting, and aquatics enthusiasts. The main areas of the event will be dedicated to the traditional topics that have always characterised The Genoa…Continua a leggere


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