12miglia is the first platform to provide a long-term charter service for boats. Today, more than ever before, with the end of the reduced Vat- lease facility , long-term chartering is the most efficient solution, granting, thanks to innovation, a transparent, fast and clear purchasing process without wasting time.

Easy, solid and transparent pruchasing process

Long-term charter allows you to have the boat of your dreams without the hassle of purchasing and maintenance, while saving money!

According to 12miglia, renting a boat on a long-term basis can save you an estimated 10% of money per year, without even  management commitments. 

The charter contract has a minimum duration of 36 months, at the end of which the boat can be redeemed.

How it works

Find the boat of your dreams, configure it by choosing the options that best match your needs, define the place of delivery and ask for an offer. You won’t need to go to a dealer or risk the long queues for property transfer procedures! At the end, you will be free to choose: keep on sailing, change it or return it with no restraints. 

What are you waiting for? Read more in this article and visit 12miglia to find the boat of your dreams!


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