Technical counseling and naval procedures

Full nautical advice for your boat.

Counting on their experienced staff, Bellini Nautica provides its customers with technical support. Whether its regarding the estimation of an owned boat or the choice of the best GPS, whoever steps in the dockyard will be warmly welcomed by a staff member whom will answer any question you may have.

Thanks to the thorough and accurate knowledge about the boat and nautical market, Bellini’s team is always ready to prepare and guide its customers.

Consistently with the care of the after sales technical support team (piece de resistance of the dockyard services) Bellini Nautica also cares about helping its customers complete all mandatory nautical procedures:

  • boat licences;
  • renewals;
  • registrations;
  • transfer of ownership;
  • registration document duplicates.

Also offering guidance in order to find the most suitable insurance according to the shipowners needs.

Furthermore, Bellini Nautica provides, thanks to a trusted partnership, customized leasing services.


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