Riva boats: an intense and exciting story

The history of Riva boats began in 1842 when Pietro Riva, a young professional in the repair and construction of various boats, founded one of the first shipyards on Lake Iseo, destined to have enormous success in the decades to come. With the introduction of the internal combustion engine on Riva boats, his son Ernesto began to make the company known to the Sebini, thanks to the first tourist trips on the lake and around the shipyard. But it was Serafino, Ernesto’s successor, who transformed these high-quality boats into a real brand. Since the 1950s, numerous famous people have sported Riva boats and had themselves photographed at the helm of this boat, making it internationally famous.

Riva Aquarama motorboats

The Aquarama models, in particular, are the Riva motorboats par excellence. These boats, celebrated all over the world, were the undisputed queens of motorboats and were therefore nicknamed “Ferrari of the sea” or “Stradivarius of boats”. From the 70s to today, the Riva tradition continues, thanks to the production of other notable boats, including the St Tropez, the Ariston, the Tritone, the Aquarama Special and the Monte Carlo Offshorer 30 (driven by James Bond in the film “Golden Eye “). Currently, the company is in the hands of the Ferretti Group which continues to maintain the style that has characterised Riva motorboats for so many years, i.e. the speed and simplicity of driving, the sinuous, elegant lines and the precious woods.
Used Riva boats
If you are looking for used Riva boats, Bellini Nautica can satisfy your needs, as we have second-hand boats in our showroom that have undergone a complete overhaul before being put on display. The aim is to supply the customer with a Riva boat whose quality is intact and that is in perfect condition.



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