Italian excellence: vintage cars and boats

Between June 16 and 19, 2021, the most beautiful race in the world will start from Brescia: the 1000 Miglia. This competition has always been committed to bringing prestige to large and small towns along this route, thus bringing added value to the territories.     Each place becomes, thanks to this race, an integral … Continued

Iseo Lake is beautiful – Mr. Brainwash x Bellini

The 3rd and 4th of July, the most coveted private island of the Italian lakes, Loreto’s island, will be the open-air setting for an exclusive event: “Iseo Lake is beautiful”, the collaboration between Bellini Nautica and the artist Mr. Brainwash that will combine the timeless charm of Riva vintage boats with the pop and hyper-contemporary … Continued

Riva Aquarama Zoom, the story

An unprecedented challenge: to face the Atlantic Ocean and then the Mediterranean sea that will prove no less difficult with a hull famous for its charm. It was already a company, but Gian Franco Rossi, the Monegasco of Sarnico, has done even more, winning. The London – Montecarlo Speed Race consists of 14 intense laps … Continued

Riva yachts: timeless elegance & perfection

In the boating world, the very name “Riva” is synonymous with prestige and unmatched design. Owned by numerous members of the jet-set, including actors, singers, and businesspeople, Riva yachts symbolize style, dedication and good taste. It is highly unlikely to know a thing or two about boating, and not be familiar with Riva – because … Continued

Novità Cranchi Yachts 2020 – 2021

La nuova stagione nautica si annuncia ricca di novità per Cranchi Yachts che sempre di più si dimostra pronta ad affrontare le sfide della contemporaneità con un atteggiamento creativo, aperto e innovativo. Un approccio capace di fare tesoro dell’esperienza, da oltre 150 anni, ma con lo sguardo proiettato al futuro, incentrato sulle proprie competenze e … Continued

Slow travel: Immerse yourself in local experiences

One of the worst feelings is coming back from your summer trip more tired and exhausted than before. So many people spend their long-awaited vacation running around “sightseeing”, without actually seeing or experiencing anything. In the end, there are no beautiful memories, no treasured moments – only a jumbled mess. But it doesn’t have to … Continued

The history of Riva Aquarama

The story of a world boating icon: Riva Aquarama How Riva Aquarama was born, why and what are its evolutions.   In 1962 the myth was born: Riva Aquarama. The name is inspired by the “cinerama”, in vogue in those years, in fact the wraparound windscreen of the Aquarama that gives a panoramic view of … Continued

A short history of Riva boats

Riva boats are synonymous with elegance, style, and the ultimate comfort – and it’s been like this for decades. When you want something exquisite, well designed, reliable, and durable, Riva is the go-to line of boats and yachts.


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