Yachts for sale

Bellini Nautica has been a leader in the yacht sales sector for many years, thanks to the professional skills and in-depth knowledge gained in the field of yacht chartering. In particular, we select the most performing and innovative yachts on the Italian scene, including Cranchi boats which are characterised by their cutting-edge technology and refined interiors. The design of our yachts for sale reveals all the Italian style, in a flexible manner: the materials used meet the important criterion of quality, elegance and innovation that has always characterised the handmade, made in Italy products.
Bellini Nautica’s yacht sales service has as its mission the pursuit of customer needs and the realisation of the dreams of those who share the passion for boating with us. Our always up-to-date team will be able to give you immediate answers and will be able to provide you with all the information you need.


New and used luxury yachts for sale

Our luxury yachts for sale are the ideal solution for those seeking privacy and the unique pleasure of sailing. Synonymous with excellence, each boat has been built with great professionalism and skill, in the quest for refinement and extreme functionality.
In addition to new yachts, at Bellini Nautica you can find used yachts for sale, the result of a painstaking selection made by our specialised team. By purchasing our luxury yachts for sale, you will have the guarantee of a direct yacht sales service, which guarantees maximum professionalism in brokerage, as well as constant assistance.
We will support you throughout the purchase process, do our utmost to give you the best advice. Even some time after
you purchase one of our yachts, we will continue to provide you with a useful and effective support service.



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