Harbour services

Recently renovated and extended, Bellini Nautica’s harbour has over 100 berths and is completely buoyant, thereby reducing the impact on the environment and being safer for the moored boats. The structure is protected by breakwaters in reinforced concrete with a polyurethane foam core, very effective in case of thunderstorms, with a draught of 1.90 metres each. This allows the safekeeping of boats even during storms, giving great comfort for whoever is on board.

The dockyard’s harbour also has practical fingers, or small additional jetties located every two berths, which allow easy embarking and disembarking and facilitates mooring. These jetties allow comfortable and unhindered access to guests with disabilities.

Each berth is equipped with drinking water and electricity.

The staff is always available on the harbour to assist in the covering, the binding and the refuelling processes. Every evening, a staff member carries out a complete inspection of the harbour, to verify that all the moorings have been well executed and the fenders properly positioned.

The harbour on Lake Iseo also offers:

  • boat refuelling service;
  • food and catering service.

Refuelling service

Inside Bellini Nautica’s harbour, there are two fuel pumps for refuelling boats. An employee, who is always on duty during the day, will take care of supplying the customer’s boat with the right fuel.

One of the pumps is supplied with the classic unleaded petrol while the other one is furnished with special fuel enriched with a particular additive, extremely suited for vintage boat engines because it contains a larger amount of octane.


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