Riva Aquarama rental with driver

Imagine immersing yourself for a day and travelling back in time. The protagonists? You, the landscape of Lake Iseo and the charm of La Dolce Vita.

Bellini Nautica also provides the exceptional Riva Aquarama charter service with chauffeur. Available for parties of a maximum of 7 persons, the experience is truly charming and fascinating. Accompanied by a guide that deeply knows Lake d’Iseo and its natural wonders, our guests can have an unforgettable day, sailing on one of the most luxurious and renowned speedboats worldwide.

The rental is available for a minimum of 2 hours, the excursion will be planned according to the different needs of every person, couple or group of customers. For every rental a new, flexible, itinerary will be proposed that will include a visit to the most beautiful spots of the Sebino, you will be able to enjoy rare scenery that will be hard to forget. For instance, it is possible to visit Montisola, Loreto and San Paolo’s islands, as well as the deepest part of the lake or the Bögn’s fiord, known only by a few true connoisseurs of the lake.

The chauffeur, under request, will advise you on the best restaurants in the area, where to taste the lake’s seafood and the local traditional dishes. He will also be happy to take you to the middle of Lake Iseo where you can toast with a glass of champagne against the background of a romantic dawn.

Afterwards taking you back to the harbour of your hotel on the lake. Bellini Nautica will be happy to give you all the attention that you may need to top your luxurious day inspired by the thrilling atmosphere of La Dolce Vita.

The Aquarama’s rental service is perfect to celebrate special occasions and is highly demanded by Italian and international customers, but also by newly weds that want to reach their wedding reception on the lake banks with a style that will leave relatives and friends speechless.

Cranchi motorboats rental

Bellini Nautica grants its customers with an handy and reliable boat rental service, allowing them to get a glimpse at the sailing world and sample the unmatchable experience of boating.

The service is aimed exclusively to individuals in possession of a boating license and provides a choice between two kinds of Cranchi speedboats, 24 and 27 feet. Boats can be rented for half a day or for the whole day.

Reservations for your experience on a Cranchi yacht can be done directly at the dockyards at the Bellini Nautica’s offices that face the harbor, or even by phone


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