Boat rental on Lake Iseo

Riva Aquarama with driver

Imagine spending a day travelling back in time. The protagonists? You, the panorama of Lake Iseo and the luxury of the Bella Vita. For groups of up to 7 people, Bellini Nautica offers the exclusive Riva Aquarama rental service with driver to offer an absolutely charming and picturesque experience. Accompanied by a guide with extensive knowledge of Lake Iseo and its natural beauties, you will experience an unforgettable day aboard one of the most luxurious and renowned boats in the world.

The rental can be booked for a minimum of two hours, the excursion will be designed and planned according to the special requests and needs of each individual, couple or group. A new and breathtaking itinerary will be proposed, but completely variable and flexible, which will touch the most beautiful places of the Sebino, offering rare and fascinating views. For example, you can visit the islands of Montisola, Loreto and San Paolo, but also treat yourself to a visit to the deepest point of the lake or to the Bögn fiord, known by a few true connoisseurs.

On request, the driver can also recommend the best restaurants in the area, where you can make a stop to savour the lake’s seafood and local traditional dishes. He will also be happy to take you to Lake Iseo for a champagne toast with a romantic sunset in the background, and then comfortably take you back to the harbour of your hotel on the lake. Bellini Nautica will be happy to give you all the perfect personalised attention on your luxurious day inspired by the inimitable and electrifying atmosphere of La Dolce Vita.

Boat rental on  Lake Iseo is perfect for celebrating special occasions and is in great demand with Italian and foreign tourists, but also with honeymoon couples or those wishing to arrive at their reception by the lake with a style, which will leave their friends and relatives speechless.

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Cranchi Speedboat Rental

Bellini Nautica also provides you with a comfortable and reliable motorboat rental service without driver, to allow you to get closer to the world of sailing and to savour the irreplaceable thrill of sailing. The service is aimed exclusively at users in possession of the recreational boating licence and allows you to choose between two Cranchi motorboats, 24 or 27 feet upon booking.

The boat can be rented for half a day or even for the whole day. Cranchi motorboat rental can be booked directly on-site, by contacting the Bellini Nautica offices directly facing the harbour, or even by telephone.


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