Riva Roller Ball Roman Bronze


After about 15 years, Riva proposes the result of the collaboration with Tibaldi: a collection of 500 pieces that sold out very quickly, delighting aficionados of the Riva legend and lovers of one-of-a-kind and luxury writing instruments. Demand for them was so high that it was not possible to satisfy everyone.

Exclusively on our shop, some pieces of the fountain pens and rollerballs, belonging to that mythical series.
They include five rollerball pens in cream, five in Roman bronze, and five fountain pens in Roman bronze.
Here are the characteristics and features that make them unique:

  • the coatings are Riva originals, designed to ensure resistance and outstanding durability
  • the clip mimics the shape of original Riva cleat (the part on the deck of a ship that ropes are tied to) and, equipped with a sophisticated spring mechanism, can be lifted effortlessly away from the lid, allowing you to easily slide the pen into your pocket
  • the barrel of the pen is made out of handcrafted inlaid wood, featuring a motif that is reminiscent of the deck of Riva vessels
  • the Tibaldi for Riva nib, made out of 18-carat solid gold, features the original inscription “1a Qualità” (first-class quality), which used to appear on Tibaldi nibs at the beginning of the century. Only available with medium point tips, it has been skilfully finished using two different galvanising processes that give them their colour: rhodium and yellow gold.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on a Riva object of rare beauty, which collectors and enthusiasts already consider to be iconic.

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Blue ink

Box size: cm 22,5 x 18 x 5,5

Material: Rose Gold pl. Brass; Wood; Lacquer / Varnish – 0,10 g

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