Riva Lancetta


  • N° costruction:
  • Lenght:
    4,30 mt
  • Width:
    1,3 mt
  • Engines:
    1x25 HP Universal Atomic Four

To date it is believed to be the only model in the world that still exists. Originally it was owned by the Negroni family (important sausage producers) and in fact the name on the hull is “Negronetto”. It is one of the first units built with a Gray Marine inboard four-cylinder and 45 hp engine. One of its main features is the usage of mahogany planks assembled with clinker technology and fixed with copper screws.
It is equipped with a marvellous dashboard, sole and multifunctional with, on the side, the identification plate: Riva Sarnico tel. n. 2.


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