Riva Aquarama


  • N° costruction:
  • Lenght:
    8,3 mt
  • Width:
    2,6 mt
  • Engines:
    2x220 HP GM Riva V8

This is a particular and rare series of Aquarama because only few models were made with two air intakes on the sides and it is also one of the last boats built by Carlo Riva himself before he sold the yard to the Americans. The last Aquarama produced by the engineer Riva is the n. 486 and it is currently still owned by his family. Precisely this boat, which has two 220 hp GM Riva V8 engines, was used to shoot the film “Sapore di Mare” with Jerry Calà, then a spot for Maserati and hosted on board characters like George Clooney , Naomi Campbell, Adam Clayton (U2’s bassist), Giacomo Agostini, Rosita Missoni, Luciano Benetton and the banker Massimo Doris.


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