Cranchi boats were made with great skill and are well known, as a result of having taken part in important sector events, where Bellini Nautica was also present. The Cranchi boats our shipyard has available are perfect if what you want is the combination of high performance and elegant interiors, outfitted well and perfectly ready to live in. When you drive a Cranchi boat, you will always feel at home as they provided complete privacy, combined with the pleasure of sailing.

Cranchi: customised boats for the most demanding customers

Cranchi boats can be customised by choosing the outboard motor required and they offer unprecedented refinement of furnishings, with high quality materials, such as oak wood, real leather and wingé; elements that make Cranchi’s style unique. Our goal is to make exclusive and luxurious yachts available to customers. The elegance of Cranchi boats is combined with reduced operating costs and ease of driving: a perfect combination that allows you to take full advantage of your passion for sailing.

Used Cranchi boats: visit our showroom

The Bellini Nautica showroom houses used Cranchi boats that have been selected by our technical staff to guarantee you complete safety and a satisfactory purchase. In fact, before being put on sale, used Cranchi boats are subjected to a complete inspection so that they are purchased in excellent condition, with no traces or evidence of wear. Trust Bellini Nautica for the purchase of one of our used Cranchi boats: our staff will support you in selecting the model that fully meets your needs, assist you throughout the purchase process and provide after-sales assistance.



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