Discover the Vintage Riva boat

Discover the historic collection of Riva Boats, one of a kind

Riva characterises excellence and style. For this very reason, owning a Riva speedboat means owning a piece of nautical history, means navigating the water conscious of the fact you are driving a worldwide sailing jewel.

Forever a Riva fan and fascinated by its work, Romano Bellini gave life to a unique collection. He bought and restored vintage models, nowadays extremely rare and valuable, proudly giving his contribution in the diffusion of Riva’s prestige, handing down its history and preserving the memory of glorious and unforgettable times.

To share his passion and make it accessible to as many as possible, Romano Bellini transformed his private collection in an open exposition.
Visiting it is like reliving the excitement of a brilliant past, routing towards La Bella Vita and the fantastic years that followed.

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Riva Collection: the story of our project

It all started almost by chance. Although some passions just pretend to be chosen, others have actually always been with us. That is how it was between Romano Bellini and Riva: a pure passion that has a scent of history and fine wood, mastery and La Bella Vita. An unrivalled Riva collection.

In the early eighties, Romano bought an old Riva Sebino from a customer. He did it without thinking about it, paying for it little by little with the money he saved from working at the boat storage, driven by a strong attraction. From that day on, fortuitous events and coincidences followed one another. All of them had in common the unmistakeable charm typical of Riva’s hulls.
So Bellini Nautica’s Riva Collection was born.

A Riva Ariston followed, then a Florida, an Olympic and a Tritone… continuing up until today. Today, Bellini Nautica owns an unrivalled collection. Every model displayed was carefully restored by the B&C Bellini Restoration team, returning it back to its former glory.

To share these treasures was a decision made by following the heart, almost a duty towards those – like Bellini’s family – who love Riva and its world.
A museum was erected, open to anybody, for those who have always loved sailing and the boating world, but also for novices to the subject that would like to have a taste of boating history, and in particular of the shining times of La Bella Vita.