Boat rental Iseo

Cranchi motorboats rental

Bellini Nautica grants its customers with an handy and reliable boat rental service, allowing them to get a glimpse at the sailing world and sample the unmatchable experience of boating.

The service is aimed exclusively to individuals in possession of a boating license and provides a choice between two kinds of Cranchi speedboats, 24 and 27 feet. Boats can be rented for half a day or for the whole day.

Reservations for your experience on a Cranchi yacht can be done directly at the dockyards at the Bellini Nautica’s offices that face the harbor, or even by phone

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Riva Aquarama rental with driver

Bellini Nautica also provides the exceptional Riva Aquarama charter service with chauffeur. Available for parties of a maximum of 7 persons, the experience is truly charming and fascinating.

Accompanied by a guide that has a deep knowledge of Lake d’Iseo and its natural wonders, our guests will have an unforgettable day, sailing on one of the most luxurious and renowned speedboats worldwide.

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