Fai splendere la tua barca seguendo questi semplici consigli

The summer season is near, is time to polish the “body shop” of your boat! In this article we will disclose you some small makeups to clean and to maintain your boat under perfect conditions.

The upholstery. For perfect tissue cleaning everything depends on the material. If your boat is, as part of the Cranchi boats, in “Sky” material, that is, in synthetic leather, we recommend the use of Marseille soap that allows to whiten the fabric without spoiling it; Alternatively a normal neutral PH shampoo. If the stain persists, the last beach can be the use of more powerful degreasers such as Chanteclair, which, however, if used in an assiduous manner are aggressive (in this case it would be well to dilute it). To brush the ideal are the soft brushes that allow a deep cleansing without risk of scratching or damaging the fabric.


The Teak. A very delicate speech is opened as is this kind of material. Four Basic Steps for Teak Treatment: 1.Grass with a detergent (recommend “Teak Wonder”) 2.Sbiancare 4. Rinse with abundant fresh water and then (if possible) with salt water to allow the wood to keep the salt present in its porosity and slow down the dehydration, avoiding evaporation of the oil. 3.Oil, at least twice a year (necessary to maintain the teak oil that prevents it from aging and drying).

If the cover is made of fiberglass, use a brush or shampoo to neutral PH or Marseille soap to whiten it perfectly, and no doubt a bit of elbow oil!

To polish the chrome plating a very simple and effective trick is the use of vinegar. The vinegar allows to remove stains from the surfaces in stainless steel and make the shiny chrome plating to be mirrored.


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