Lake Iseo and motorboats

Lake Iseo : the cradle of dockyards

If it’s true that there places which nature tends to excellence, then Lake Iseo is definitely one of those. The Sebino (ancient roman name of Lake Iseo), a placid lake surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of the Pre-Alps, is the historical cradle of dockyards. The Riva tradition began in a small town named Sarnico, situated on the very banks of the Lake. Here, in the year 1842, a shipwright named Riva founded the dockyard that over the years has become the boating icon of Italy.

Here the epic wooden hulls that wrote this rich history of luxury ships were born. The legendary season of La Dolce Vita brought to Lake Iseo international VIPs. Everybody was captivated by Riva and his creations, which by that time were already a status symbol being established as the legend that they are today.

In the wake of this tradition, in 1960 Bellini Nautica was born, in a village called Clusane, not far from the Riva headquarter. It is through the same banks and sailing the same waters that Bellini carries over the same values: excellence, crafting care and an unconditional love for boats.