Boat restoration in Iseo

The presence of only specialised operatives that work with almost obsessive passion as well as the usage of exclusively original materials, make the boats restored by B&C real masterpieces; the boats returns to the shipowner completely renewed and with a new, unique value.

Every project requires meticulousness and accuracy and for this very reason every step of the restoration is monitored and completed thanks to a team of skilled and well trained artisans.
Bellini Nautica have been restoring vintage Riva boats for decades acquiring all the required proficiencies needed to take every model back to its former glory.

Vintage riva boat restoration

The recovery of a boat that wrote history needs meticulousness and passion.
Not many are able to restore a Riva in the way that it deserves.
We are.

Nine months of passion

The process of restoring a Riva is the same as a long courtship:
it needs patience, and the completion of every stage takes it one step closer to its goal. Discover all the phases.

Find out the restoration phases

Restore materials


High quality and accuracy are the focal points of our restorations, well known by our customers and boat collectors. Wood perfectly cut and finished, chrome-plated trims, hand sewn upholstery, engines made in the USA and reliable and safe on-board systems, that is how we maintain the exclusive characteristics of the legendary and prestigious Riva.

At B&C the hulls receive 12 coats of paint applied by hand with a brush, 2 cycles of 5 coats of spray paint, making a total of 22 coats of paint on bare wood and more than 2 months of work. After each coat the shine gets stronger, slowly highlighting the wood’s grains and its various natural contrasts, which are a strong and eternal characteristic of this material.

The re-installation of all the instruments, the engines and machinery, the upholstery and the chrome-plated accessories follows. Everything is carefully restored and ready to undergo strict tests on water.


Thanks to valid technicians and to the support of cutting edge painting systems, the dockyard specializes in repairing and coating fibreglass hulls with metallic paint.

A covered area of 4.000 m² (about 43.000 ft²) with 5 pressurized painting ovens allow us to paint boats of up to 20mt (65 ft) long.


We are at your service

Contact us now and entrust us with the restoration of your vintage Riva boat. It will be in our capable hands, and we will treat it like our own, restoring it back to its wonderful former glory.